Signs That Your Leadership Is In Peril And How To Find Solutions

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 A Good Leader Is Flexible And Adaptable

There are high points, low points and median points in leadership. A good and perceptive leader knows that his or her leadership will not be consistent. Almost all situations are random, and so it is with leadership. That’s why a keen leader needs to be flexible and be able to adapt, especially in times of crisis when their leadership is in peril.

A good leader needs to be perceptive and assess their leadership in high points. During such instances, he or she ought to evaluate and think about what made the conditions right. It’s a learning process and a reference point so that similar methods or set- ups will be applied further or in the future. When low time comes, a leader should not panic. He or she must keep their focus and composure to assess the situation to prevent it from worsening and gets to the point of being beyond repair.

Intuitive Leadership Is Important

Forewarned is forearmed, nonetheless. Good leadership includes being intuitive. Look for signs of a leadership in peril so you can apply solutions early on and avoid aggravation and damage.

Signs of a leadership in peril:

  • Members of your team are not working together. The good leader that you are may give clear instructions and delegate tasks with your good communication skills, however, your team is disconnected. Their efforts cannot be conglomerated to a unified whole. The issue here can be competitiveness within the team wherein one poses as a threat to another or the others.
  • Goals and objectives are continually not being met. Once or twice, goals or objectives might fail, but if failure happens consistently in your team, then there could be something really wrong. This puts your leadership in jeopardy and this calls for assessment. At which point and why were your goals not met. Dig into the root issue and rectify.
  • There is difficulty in holding the team together and pandemonium in meeting deadlines. A major sign that a leadership is in peril is that the team becomes scattered and the leader is not in control. A stable leadership would be able to smoothly guide the team towards finishing tasks at the assigned time frame. However, if there is chaos when deadline is approaching which consequently affects the team’s quality of work, then this is a sign that a leadership is in peril.
  • The team is not happy with each other. Keeping the team in harmony is one basic task of good leadership. If team members complain about each other and there’s constant bickering, then there’s an underlying leadership issue. You ought to look for the real cause and remedy.

Assess every step of your leadership along the way. Be keen about signs of success and setbacks so you can improve and get your team working right for your goals.

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