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Signs are valuable to all businesses, small or big, you may wonder why but with all the different signs out there it is your major source of advertising. My message to you today is, if you have a brand – Sign It!

There are a whole load of signs seen on a daily basis, and usually a business with huge array of signage to display their brand name do a lot better than those that haven’t and this is why:

  1. Vibrant signs are more visible to the eye to passing trade, so potential customers are more likely to go into your business leading to a product sale or service and not just walk past. A newly produced sign (if well designed) can also be made to be memorable; customers are more likely to be returning because of how your sign creates a great business image.
  2. Your form of transport may just be there to get you from A to B, but I believe it can be an effective way to promoting your business. By putting vinyl graphics on your company cars/vans/lorries, while working off site or travelling to and from customers, it makes such a big difference to your company exposure, by having your brand seen more by your specific target market which may lead to more of your product/s being sold. So fill up
  3. Signs are often the first point of contact your company has with your customers. Your business’s first impression needs to be the best it can be so with a professional sign this may just be what you need, and signs are one of the most affordable and effective methods of advertising compared to other types of advertising media.

Like I said before signs are valuable to all businesses even if you are newly starting or have been an established for many years. In the business world, beating your competitors is everything, so do it the affordable way and get in touch with your local sign maker, making your business more visible to potential customers. A good signage setup consists of having a full length shop sign, vehicle graphics on all company cars, and also an a-board sign to display products/services that you may have.

In order to maintain a good business you will need to keep updating your signs for your customers benefits, for instance if your thinking of introducing a new product/service, you could get a banner/poster depending on your company budget to display that new product/service to keep your customers updated – it all produces sales. On the different types of printable media the durability of the vinyl differs due to weather causes, although Wright Signs Ltd provides an extra service for signs that could be laminated to sustain the vinyl for a longer period.

For signs in the West Midlands area I recommend Wright Signs Ltd a company that produces all types of signage ranging from vehicle graphics, shop signs a-boards and much more. They offer a first class service with all their customers and a sure to make your brand stand out – Sign It!

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