Short Cuts to Sales Success

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It’s almost time to seed the lawn again at my home. I love this time of year because I get to scalp the grass down to practically nothing. It is a fast job because I don’t have to bag it, and can make a big mess if I want to. It does usually take two runs with the mower to get it to the right length, but I had a feeling that if everything worked out…I could do it in one pass. So I lowered the blade of the mower as low as it could go, and set off to have some fun.

It wasn’t long before I realized that the lawn had not been cut for a couple of weeks and the length of the grass in some parts were going to be too long for the height of the mower blade. In other words the mower was bogging down in the weeds, and because of this, and my short cut that I took, it was going to take me twice as long to finish the job.

The extra time walking the lawn gave me the opportunity to think about all the mistakes and failings that have been bestowed upon me. And I came to a firm conclusion: Every failure in my life was because of taking a Short Cut somewhere in the process

I’ll bet if you think about it, it would be the same for you. How about these beauties to spark your memory;

  • Did you ever wait for the last minute to study for a test?
  • Did you ever lose your keys under a pile of papers that were supposed to be filed six months ago?
  • Have you ever lost some business because your message box was full?
  • Leave your office for an appointment without really knowing where you are going?
  • Have you ever been too late to stop for gas, run out, and be really late?
  • Did you ever go to a meeting and know nothing about the person that you are there to meet?
  • Did you ever go to the airport only to find that your flight was cancelled hours ago and you just didn’t check?

A short cut is just another euphemism for being lazy. That’s right, just plain old lazy to do what you already know to do. The same things that you tell your kids to do and still don’t do yourself.

At least that is what I told myself on the second trip around the yard after having to take the mower apart and pull from the engine six pounds of clippings!

Here is my challenge to me and to you: For the next 30 days,


• That means plan your day and work it fully

• That means clean out all your hellish E-Mails

• That means wash the dishes after dinner

• That means make all of your calls for the day

• That means prepare for everything

I heard that Robin Williams never went on stage unless he had nine completely different shows ready in his head. His ad-libs came off as natural because they were so well rehearsed.

There are no Short Cuts to Success, but many to failure.

For the past decade, DAN JOURDAN has served as a trusted advisor and consultant to numerous businesses. In addition to being a professional speaker and business coach, Dan is a managing partner of Neighborhood Business Brokers, where he works with business owners from all types of industries to help facilitate sales and acquisitions. Dan has become recognized as an authority on the assessment and valuation of small businesses and successful practices of entrepreneurs.


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