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In Kick Ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps author and copywriter Susan Gunelius lists the seven steps of advertising success. Advertising moves the consumer along the seven steps from start to finish and each advertisement is aimed at achieving one of these seven steps. We are going to look at the seven steps as they pertain to Content Marketing which includes Article Marketing. Kiss Ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps is not about Article Marketing and the text, although based hugely on the ideas in the book, is thourghly mine.

Step One: Awareness: Consumers are moved from a state of being unaware of product or service, in this case written content, to being aware of your product,brand or article. If you are an Internet Content Marketer or book seller your audience learns of you by seeing notes pointing to your works placed by the webmaster of the article directories you work with, such as Triond and Ezine Articles. You can increase Awareness by commenting on the articles of others. The ones who have commented on your articles and seem interested in the topic are particularly good to contact through the Directory email service to start up friendships and to discuss your product, such as a how-to course you have created and offer for sale to the public, or your published book. They may be good “prospects”, people who might want to buy from you. At places like eBay where you might be offering copies of your works on CD you rely on the high volume of eBay traffic to bring your item to the attention of others. Choosing good keywords in your descriptions there help also. And if you don’t use places like eBay and Amazon to post your work and have a keyword research tool like Market Samurai you can locate Search Terms, (Words people type into the Google Search Engine when they are looking for something) that get a lot of searches and have a low number of competing pages being indexed by the Google Spiders when it chooses which web pages are the most relevant and more authoritative to place on the first pages and the pages that follow. I like keywords that get at least 50 searches a day and have no more than around 300,000 competing pages being indexed by Google to serve up search results. Article Directories such at Ezine articles are “high authority” and Google prefers them. Get your content listed on the first page and you will have the better chance of getting free traffic from Google to your article. (You can also buy a place in those SERPS [Search Engine Results Pages]) This will help you achieve the awareness of the general public to your product, service or content. You can help Google to rank your articles higher in the SERPS by placing the keyword, or words you have targeted, in your title, description, first sentence, last sentence of last paragraph and in the tags. It helps you rank higher because it makes it easier for the Google Spiders to know what your article is about.

Also distribute your articles and links to them massively throughout the Internet with services at, and with free similar services like Add This and, Google+ and others. Posting at places like Facebook is helpful too.

Step Two: Recognition: Consumers remember and associate a product or brand or article to a previous experience (like an advertisement or article of yours they saw).

Step Three: Interest: Consumers become curious about a product or brand (If a content marketer, that means YOU, and your writing in general or a specific book, series of articles, or a topic you are known to cover well, etc. in a way that they want to know more about you and your writing(s) and may do research or ask you questions to find out more about you and what you offer. This happens after they have had their curiosity whetted.

Step Four: Purchase: Consumers know enough about the product, you and your writing, to think it will satisfy their need and so buy it.

Step Five: Repurchase: Customers like your product so much after trying it several times they buy it again or buy from you again.

Step Six: Loyalty: Consumers have been so very satisfied with your product or service, or writing, after trying it that they consistency buy it again and again, just to get more of the great benefit to them they know you provide.

Step Seven: Influencer: Loyal customers are so happy with your product or service, or writing that they promote it by telling their friends and family members about it. They buy it too.

And those are the seven steps Susan Gunelius calls the Seven Steps of Advertising Success. We have injected the topic of Article Marketing into her description and added some how-to tips. We hope you find it helpful.

Terry A Chestnutt is a casual writer with a strong interest in Copywriting and Article Marketing. See the first article in this series entitled Complete Kick Ass Copywriting at

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