Seven Marketing Reasons Why Businesses Fail

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This year some 20,000 businesses will enter some form of insolvency. There will be a myriad of reasons for this. Some will of course be finance based. Some will be the fault of management, and others, set out here will relate to failure to market properly.

Failure to focus on a specific market. It is very easy when you first engage in business to think that you can take on the world. It would be better however, to have a smaller product range, or a smaller market and to exploit those fully first. Do not cast your net too wide leaving too little time to deal properly with each market.

Failing to carry out proper market research. This can be fatal. Do you have a product that people actually want. Have you established what other players there are in your market, and what they produce and charge. Are there many in the market, and if so what size. Is the market dominated by a few key players.

Too niche a business. Businesses with too small a customer base, and without the ability to change focus at the smallest change will fail. If the niche purchaser goes bust or ceases to require your product, where else will you go.

Failure to gain new markets. Whilst you cannot spread yourself too thin, you cannot also sit on your laurels even with a good customer base and spread. Always look to gently expand so that you can grow within permissible financial constraints. It is always good to gain new clients, as if you don’t some one will be taking your clients and you will actually lose business.

Loss of market. Any one can lose market share. If you are in a lucrative market, some one will want a piece of the action. As a player in the market, you are fair game. You got your share of the market by taking it from others, and so you must work to avoid losing that hard gained market share.

Marketing problems. Decent marketing directors are hard to come by and cross marketing within a business is great if it can be achieved. Loss of key people needs to be avoided, but if it is inevitable, you need to make sure that your contracts protect you from adverse competition, from those leaving.

Poor sales & marketing. Make sure your sales teams and marketing teams work hand in hand. One is designed to generate exposure and brand awareness that the other will exploit. Make sure everybody is on message.

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