Self Promotion – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Versions of Self Presentation

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Marketing online requires the traditional promoter to take the narrow path, over the burning coals, judiciously over the ravine, and into the desperate quarters of scarcity. The realities, we sell because we need income, and having a need implicates that we’re undeserving of profitable results. Undeserving – why? Who says self promotion is a bad thing?

Commerce –

In polite company, self promotion isn’t acceptable because it means you’re bragging. But if you don’t brag a little, who will know you exist? How can you present yourself to the audience and know they’ve understood your message if you don’t tell them what you want them to know?

The GOOD kind of self-promotion –

Talk about them — Give your reader a glimpse of the benefit they would receive by using your product.

“Stop by Jan’s Lemonade Stand for refreshing lemonade flavor that will set your lips in motion.” This creative line takes the readers concentration away from Jan’s Lemonade Stand and stops them on “set your lips in motion”. Trust me, they’ll go back to Jan’s Lemonade Stand, but they’ll still be focused on pucker power.   

Give the reader benefits for themselves.

The BAD kind of self-promotion –

This kind of self-promotion adds no benefit to the reader, focuses intently on the writer, and talks about the profit from the lemonade stand and no other valuable information is exchanged. This kind of promotion isn’t beneficial to anyone, least of all the marketer. No content value means readers pass on by.

The UGLY kind of self-promotion –

Insulting the reader’s person or intelligence is NEVER a good kind of promotion, but when it’s done only to make the promoter feel better about themselves, this kind of promotion is degrading. BAD UGLY promotion can’t be a good thing for anyone.

Although, occasionally, promoters get away with this kind of promotion, the majority of people ignore it and pass it over, simply because it’s discouraging.

The Solution –

Give your readers credible information about your products and services that promote the products and services rather than yourself. These kinds of promotion increase the amount of information out there and denote you as an expert in the field (which is how you promote yourself best).

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