Schools With Famous Dance Logo Pictures That Represent Excellence and Quality

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Emblems are the first things that set an impression on customers.

So, if a dance school wants to be successful, it needs to come up with proper branding strategies which can distinguish it from others.

Below mentioned are some famous dance logo pictures from some popular dance schools that represent excellence and quality.

1. Juilliard School:
Their trademark is simply the company name in thin and straight fonts that are blue colored. The words ‘dance, drama and music’ are scripted next to the school name in smaller fonts. The two words are separated with a vertical line. The vertical line between the two words combined with the bright blue and gray colors of the text gives it a sophisticated and compact look.

2. American Ballet Theatre:
With its headquarter in New York, this famous dance academy offers a unique dance education program. Their brand mark consists of three initials. The type face of the business name consists of straight and sleek fonts. The different colors of each of the letters make it eye catching and unique. The prominent colors used in the monogram are black, gray and tan which add a professional yet innovative touch to the trademark.

3. Joffrey Academy of Dance:
This is a New York and Chicago based dance academy that has established its reputation for success in its 50 years of existence. Their monogram is quite simple. Here, the school name is in straight and black colored fonts with a white background. The front and centre alignment of the text with a star image in the middle of the two words give it a touch of imagination and innovativeness.

4. Paris Opéra Ballet School:
The emblem that they have created for themselves is chic and contemporary. It consists of round badge with the company name and the letters slightly overlapping each other. The background of the monogram is in beige color which adds a sophisticated touch to the black colored text of the emblem.

5. Salzburg International Ballet Academy:
Unlike other dance schools, their trademark is crafted in slightly slanted type face. It consists of the school name in white color over a background of shaded blue color. This isn’t really my favorite design as the combination of white text over a shaded blue background and slanted fonts fail to add the touch of expertise and skill that this school is renowned for.

6. Brent Street Schools:
This is an Australian dance school that has proved its worth in a very short tenure. Compared to other dance school trademarks, their monogram is quite funky. It consists of an image of a globe with the school name in fonts. The image is so informal that it would have been better suited for a school of hip hop dance or belly dance logo.

In conclusion, you should observe that even though these schools are educating creativity and skill, their brand marks are quite professional and formal looking that represents discipline and authority.

Bobby Sherman is a logo designer working at professional logo design firm. For more information, find her at dance logo pictures.

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