Save The Trees! How To Cut Down On Printed Materials At Your Portable Exhibits

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Is your company trying to help the environment by cutting down on paper waste? Many businesses are utilizing more electronic forms of communication, including email, instant messaging and more. If you’re looking to cut down on paper waste even further, consider using these tips the next time you take your company’s table top displays and other portable exhibits to a marketing event.

Use QR Codes Throughout Your Portable Exhibits

Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days, which makes using QR codes in your booths for trade shows an excellent idea. Instead of handing out printed information with your website address, encourage attendees who are visiting your portable exhibits to scan a QR code that connects them with either your full website or a mobile site instantly. QR codes are relatively new so if your table top displays or other exhibits’ graphics don’t have them, it’s possible to create one yourself and have it printed out on a label that you can place onto your graphics. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never created a QR code or if you’re not particularly technology minded — there are a number of free websites that can help you create a code very easily.

Maximize Space On Printed Materials

It’s understandable that you might want to hand out some sort of materials for attendees who are visiting your booths for trade shows. However, if you’re looking to reduce the amount of paper, print on both sides instead of just one and choose a smaller font size so you can maximize the amount of information on your flyers and brochures. Additionally, take the time to redesign your promotional materials to cut back on the amount of blank space. Some blank space (also known as white space in the design world) is okay, but make sure it’s done as a design element.

Consider Handing Out A CD

If you feel like you absolutely must provide your visitors something to take with them, consider putting all the information onto a CD. Nearly everyone has Adobe Acrobat, the most common PDF reader (and if they don’t, it’s free). Providing a CD full of PDFs means that attendees can take the information with them and either view it on their own computer or print it out. It also means attendees will be able to easily forward the information on to decision makers and other higher-ups within their corporation. CDs can be very inexpensive to create, especially if you’re able to buy the blank ones in bulk.

Provide A Workstation

Another way to cut down on paper use it to provide visitors to your portable exhibits a place to view your website. While many will likely have smart phones, providing a computer with a full screen can give them the chance to visit your full website and learn about your company right then and there.

Paperless booths for trade shows are likely going to become more popular as more and more companies work toward protecting the environment and taking advantage of technological advantages. Doing this now can help your company seem like an industry leader — no matter what business you’re in.

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