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I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in the County Courthouse this week. Apparently when you are subpoenaed as a witness you are required to waste three days of your life for $35 in travel expense, and a turkey sandwich from the cafeteria. It did however provide for some entertainment and a chance to see some real examples of sales presentations.

I was never called for the case that I was there for but, I was allowed to sit in and watch some other cases that were going on. You have got to go on a field trip and do this one day. Not only is it interesting, but you will pick up skills and see what does and doesn’t work in convincing a Judge or Jury.

It’s like going to a sales training seminar, and it’s free for the taking

There was one case this week where a cop shot a suspect and was being sued by the suspect. The closing arguments were taking place and the lawyers had agreed that they were only allowed a certain amount of time.

The lawyer for the defense went first and spent time telling a story of the off duty cop, how he always wanted to be a Policeman his whole life and that the protection of the citizen was his main purpose in life. He told the Jury that “we all make mistakes” but it was not intentional and they should find him not guilty. He finished with time to spare.

The prosecuting attorney went to work by first shaking up a mason jar filled with water and sand and said that the defense was trying to “muddy the waters just like the water in this cloudy jar” He put the container down, right in front of the Jury and set out to clear the whole mess up.

He then went on with impassioned bullet point after bullet point that he believed were proof that there was intent to shoot and this was not a “mistake”. The bell went off and the Judge said his time was up…he had gone over and could not finish.

Perhaps this was intentional because at that point he held up a sign that said “Do the right thing and find for guilty on all counts” and pointed to the now settled, clear jar that sat in front of the Jury box. It was truly a powerful moment.

Now, I didn’t stay around for the verdict, and of course it is not supposed to be a good sales pitch that wins cases but evidence that does the work. With that said, the combination of a good presentation and evidence is unbeatable.

When you go on your sales calls do you bring forms of evidence?

• Samples
• Demonstrations
• Testimonials
• Videos
• Telephone Numbers of other Customers
• Leave behinds
• Studies

In a word… PROOF

Your job on a sales call is to foster their desire to buy, by eliminating as much of the perceived risk as possible.

You do this by “clearing up the muddy waters” with the proper use of Proof.

For the past decade, DAN JOURDAN has served as a trusted advisor and consultant to numerous businesses. In addition to being a professional speaker and business coach, Dan is a managing partner of Neighborhood Business Brokers, where he works with business owners from all types of industries to help facilitate sales and acquisitions. Dan has become recognized as an authority on the assessment and valuation of small businesses and successful practices of entrepreneurs.


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