Sales: How To Close A Sale Using A Value Proposition

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Closing a sale is not secret, black magic voodoo that certain, select, very gifted people are able to do. Closing is the end result of a process. This process is the engagement of the salesman and customer. Closing a sale is the offering of a value proposition that you’re competitor can’t.

The trick to closing is for a salesman to be genuinely concerned about the success of a client’s business. A salesman must engage the client. The salesman has to know the ins and outs of a customer’s business and the environment that they work in their particular organization. There must be a shared participation in a shared goal. This allows a salesman to create the value proposition that is necessary to close the sale.

At the beginning of each presentation, ‘no’ will always be the opening reaction by your customer. The reason you get a ‘no’ early is that no is of the lowest risk. You have just gotten the discussion begun. The customer is not totally comfortable with either you or your product.

A sale is a relationship. Like all relationships, it takes time to develop that relationship. If you move too quickly the potential for friendships or romance will end abruptly. When you hear ‘no’, don’t go into endless chatter about features or benefits, at least not yet. The next move after ‘no’ is to engage the customer and find out ‘why’ the answer is ‘no’.

‘No’ is turned into ‘yes’ by the introduction of a value proposition. That value proposition will revolve around profitability, improving productivity, reducing costs, or gaining a competitive advantage.

You want to sell a fleet of cars to a company and you’re price is higher than the other two competitors. Naturally, there is going to be an original objection. To create a sale, you have to offer a strong value proposition that solves a legitimate problem your customer is facing.

You engage your customer. You find out exactly how this company operates and what it needs to make a profit. You find out that this company that has to have real time access to its on-the-road employees. Emphasis that the software your car has makes your car like a rolling smart phone. The software that your car has makes it possible to have instantaneous communication. Another asset to your software system is that it is an “open system”. Your client’s business is constantly changing. With an open system your client can write new apps as his business evolves over time. This is a distinct advantage over closed system software systems. The lower priced cars have cheaper software systems, but open system cars offer more value.

Dean Hambleton

The value proposition is key to closing a sale. I hope I have explained how this works in a way that will benefit you as you attempt to create a brand. If I can help in any way please contact me.
Dean Hambleton

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