Sales Closing Techniques – The Power Struggle

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If you’re having a power struggle with your prospect, in other words if you are using sales closing techniques to convince them of something, but they really do not want to agree with you because they feel that if they do they will have a really hard time accepting themselves and it will be a really hard thing for the society to accept them as well. Now, if that’s the situation, the very next thing you need to do is go and take a step back.

Think about the situation that’s going on. Your prospect is not going to agree with you, not because he doesn’t like your sales presentation or your ideas, but because he does not want to be defeated.

At this point it is best for you to use sales closing technique as well as other techniques to refrain yourself and just let them win. If your prospect wants to win, the best thing you can do is do this for him and let him win. This will give you a chance to connect yourself with very positive feelings in the mind of your prospect and make yourself very powerful. Now, of course subconsciously your prospect is going to really appreciate that, and he’s going to think highly of you. That is your ultimate goal.

Sales closing techniques will not be enough if you forget this simple strategy. You have to always observe your prospect and always make sure that you respect his feelings and you respect the reality that you both are in. If there is ever any problems with a power struggle between you and your prospect, stop it as soon as you can. Now, you cannot force your prospect to agree with you, and you probably shouldn’t do that anyway because if you do that, they will feel defeated, but you can agree with them and make them feel like heroes and make them feel victorious.

Now, when it comes to sales closing techniques, the best thing you can do it is apply this little strategy at the very end of the sales presentation, just let them win and then ask them to do what you want them to do. Not even ask them in fact, instead just tell them, and they will be very happy to follow you, because they will feel grateful to you for letting them win previously. The one thing you need to remember is that you always should focus on making sure that you are on the giving end. If you keep giving, giving, and giving, your prospect is going to feel compelled to give back and then there’s nothing better than that.

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