Run a Bucket Truck Fleet With Commitment and Knowledge!

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Good news! Today, bucket trucks are better made than ever before. In fact, in recent years, the features of this versatile vehicle have steadily improved in performance, comfort, and fuel efficiency. These vehicles are excellent means by which to accomplish many different tasks; however, business owners must learn how to use these vehicles more efficiently. This quest can be accomplished by running a bucket truck fleet with commitment and knowledge!

Guidelines, Communication and Efficiency

The guidelines for operating this equipment are for both operators and ground crew; they have been established for both safety and efficiency. Specific instructions function to encourage every operator to handle these vehicles wisely. Yet these guidelines are just be a piece of paper if they are neglected; such action can result in a waste of the company’s time, fuel, maintenance costs, and other important aspects that pertain to the operation of this equipment. The importance of these guidelines should be clearly communicated to everyone who is involved in the operation of these trucks. In fact, good communication between managers and employees must be achieved as that is a very important role in the efficient operation of the bucket truck.

For example, when an operator notices that there is some type of unusual sound during lift operations and believes there may be something wrong with the hydraulic system, that operator should not just ignore the problem. Ignoring a problem can result in a threat to that worker’s safety and could cause major problems in the future. The operator should instead convey any concerns to a service technician as soon as possible. In fact, a problem that is caught at an earlier stage can prevent greater damage in the future and result in both safety and financial savings for the company. Therefore, it is recommended that business owners and/or managers should encourage their drivers or operators to have at least a ten-minute discussion with the company’s maintenance technician about the condition of their bucket truck each day.

After-Sale Services and Maintenance

Major brand manufacturers produce well-designed equipment such as bucket trucks; however, customers make high demands of these vehicles and there are some who may not be satisfied with the performance of their truck or the after-sale services of a manufacturer; they may want to change to another maker because of that experience. Poor equipment performance is not necessarily the fault of the producing company; however, customers can perceived this situation differently which can result in a poor judgment of the manufacturer and the vehicle.

Equipment failure can result from factors that are beyond the manufacturer’s control. Examples of actions by the customer that can lead to vehicle problems could include: lack of or improper maintenance procedures; using low quality replacement parts; and the bad habits of an operator by exceeding the required capacity or working limit of the equipment. The manufacturer’s goal of offering after-sale support packages to their customers is to keep all of those bucket trucks functioning at their optimal performance level. By offering these packages, the manufacturer hopes that their customers will be fully satisfied with the truck and their after-sales service and will return to them when the time comes to replace that particular vehicle.

With today’s fast pace, there are new technologies and techniques that are available for bucket trucks that all operators should be taught. Yet managers have a large responsibility in determining how the guidelines, techniques and manufacturer’s serviceability can be used to increase the company’s productivity. Managers also play a very important role in determining what information is worthwhile and must be able to discern valuable information from mere sales talk. In the end, everyone’s commitment and knowledge of bucket trucks is paramount to the company’s overall profitability!

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