Retail Signage Best Practices

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Your retail signage is the first thing that customers see when they approach your store or business. Having professionally designed, easy-to-read signs both inside and outside your store can help potential customers feel confident in your product or service, making them more likely to purchase from you.

The types of retail signs that you need depend on what type of business you have. Consider colors and designs when coming up with a logo or design. Think about what types of signs are in the nearby area, what colors your competitors use in their signage and what kind of product or service you are selling. Also, make sure that your sign is large enough to attract attention. Your sign professional will be able to help you make these decisions when it comes to your storefront sign.

Different types of signs to consider include banners, which wave in the wind and attract attention easily; electrical signs, which can attract business even after the sun sets; and monument signs, which stand outside of your building, catching the eye of people on the road. The most effective companies often utilize all of these types of signs, to not only attract customers, but to give them the information that they need before even stepping foot inside of the store.

Use signs within your store, as well. Directional signs save your customers the potentially embarrassing experience of getting lost. They also can easily direct shoppers to the restrooms, different departments of the store, and the checkout counters. Creative point-of-purchase signs can encourage customers to ask for additional services, or to buy additional products. For example, consider small retail signs that ask whether your customers need batteries for their purchase, or if they’d like to buy an extended warranty plan. Seeing these suggestions in writing may be more effective than simply hearing your checkout clerk ask the same questions.

When considering what types of retail signage attracts customers, it is also important to think about things that might discourage potential clients from entering your store. Signs that are not in good repair, for example, may cause people to assume that your company does not care for its appearance. Garish colors or a flickering sign may annoy customers, causing them to avoid your place of business. If a sign is difficult to read or if the lettering is too small, clients may not be able to determine exactly what you are selling.

Working with your sign professional will allow you to choose effective, attractive signage for your business or company. Talk to your sign company about the different options available, and you can be confident that you are putting your best foot forward and making an excellent first impression on your potential customers.

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