Restaurants Use Every Door Direct Mail to Beat the Heat

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The summer season is typically a slow season for restaurants. It is very common and happens to many indoor dining restaurants. When the weather is warm people tend to want to eat outside to enjoy it. Also in the summertime, it gets dark later so people don’t even think about eating dinner until later than usual.

Here are some tips to beat the heat:

1. Introduce New Specials

The summer season makes people change the way they eat and drink. Not many people want hot soup on a hot day. Try to feature some fresh new food items or drink specials. Possibly a few interesting salads or light pasta dishes for food and you can never go wrong with drink specials, a signature summer cocktail would do the trick!

2. Incorporate Outside Dining

If your restaurant has a patio or outside seating area, utilizing that area for waiting or dining will be something that will draw in the outside diners while adding to your sales and accessibility. And while waiting for a table your customers can still bask in the summer air.

3. Have Entertainment

Having some themed nights, like tiki night, or live entertainment will draw in people’s attention. Do something to differentiate yourself from other restaurants. Doing something that no one else does in your area will give you the upper hand over all the other options available.

4. Make Reservations

During the summer time, many people go on vacation and they visit family and friends. Though barbecuing is great, sometimes slaving in front of a hot stove/grill is unbearable. So your customers may have some guests over and you making yourself available to accommodate large parities will only benefit you!1

5. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Once you have created and implemented these new ideas, advertise your new offerings to prospective customers via a targeted local Every Door Direct Mail campaign. By doing so, everyone will know that you are ready for summer. There is no use in beginning these new festivities and specials if no one knows that you are having them. So generate awareness, increase foot traffic, and increase sales with advertising by mail.

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