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With the use of a digital poster people are seeing opportunities in the most un-usual places, now get ready for digital signage in the bathroom.

This is a place where everyone goes and is perfect for a small 30 second advert, and this is set to rock the world. But there is one thing to be aware of.

With the introduction of digital posters and their in built media player, businesses are seeing new marketing opportunities. Now a digital poster can be installed into rest rooms, however due to them being unsupervised there is a need to protect them, otherwise what is to stop someone taking one? Yes you can bolt them to the wall, but a regular can see how they are fastened and come prepared with the tools needed.

Now one company has developed a solution for digital posters and it will prevent unauthorized removal, the unit they have developed covers the poster and is perfectly ventilated even the audio can be heard through the wall case, constructed from steel and painted black these are bolted to the wall with special anti theft fasteners and a dedicated tool is supplied, so no one else will have the correct tool to remove the case.

Even clubs are a safe bet now, as these digital wall cases are supplied with 6 mm thick polycarbonate window that has a special coating applied that is anti scratch and anti reflective, perfect for any area that could be referred to as dangerous.

Digital posters can now be fitted in areas that have lots of foot traffic but also are classed less than perfect. So bars, rest rooms even truck stops are places these units can now be deployed without the price of deployment and the digital signage hardware preventing the advertising campaign stopping the project getting off the ground.

Dave owns the leading manufacturer of LCD enclosures, this range of flat screen enclosure are used throughout the world through a network of integrators.

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