Requisite Condition For Market – Imperfection

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What makes a customer to buy a product? What the customer really needs? we can say name, fame and value of money. or we can talk about love, satisfaction and peace. But these are not the core ideologies of market. The principal market credo can be explained from the Punjabi poem of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, ‘Rabba Sachiya too tay Akhiya si…’ ‘ and which have been popularized by Atif Aslamamong today’s generation. Its translation goes like this,’ When God tells the human that you are the master of the world. He declined the offer and demands only one coveted thing.

A Little respect is all he need!

If you converge all the aspirations of human, you will find respect in the end. Respect can have different notions and interpretations. Money,power and fame can be the different tools to achieve it. But at the heart of it, it is the boost of self esteem that is sine qua non for respect. There lies an antithesis about materialism and self esteem. According to the Journal of Consumer Research, from childhood self esteem drops down when materialism is at the peek. A high self esteem confident man, who is respected in the society does not give much importance to materialism. But, the problem is we cannot quantify respect just like love ( replace love, may be intelligence or wealth). To measure respect, we need a frame of reference and hereby we consider materialism as scale. The more money, fame and power you have, the more respect you will get in the society. This marks the beginning of ambiguity and imperfection of the world: heaven for the market.

The perfect and happy world (even heaven) is not a good market. Exaggeration of dark feelings like jealousy, greed, ego, lust and low confidence channelize the market. A dream of the perfect world, a fantasy is sold in the market. For that you have to create a story regarding the idea of happiness that can sell. This will-o’-the-wisp have a Role mole which is played by the Brand Ambassador who is actor himself.( i didn’t understand this line) In this artificial world, the whole problem can be solved by the usage of the single product. This create the need for the product. It can be deodorant, fairness cream, toothpaste or even undergarments.

From the history all products sells like this. From the overt cry of street vendor and pamphlets of local Charlton (tantrik) and astrologers to the surreptitious effort of MNC ‘s marketing head. The history of deceiving is quite old. Don’t think that only naive people are deceived by it, we all buy that product. We know the veracity of the advertisements but still we are attracted with the idea of that world. For sure, I can say that low end products like soaps and oils have never been used by actresses who endorsed them and deodorants have never worked to attract girl in real life but still we buy them.

But, the optimism from this theory that we could draw is, world is actually imperfect. Though companies are deceiving but they are also providing a hope. The hope that things could be better. A hope that anybody could be beautiful and attractive. All the beauty products and slimming equipments, if the things partially works for better, could impart greater confidence in the customers. It can even change the outlook or self esteem of a person.

Lastly, I want to say that even the imperfection is inevitable, this could be improved with little materialism. We should understand that family and relationship does not come under market forces. It is the duty for every parents to encourage a sense of self-worth among young people, which can reduce the emphasis on material goods. Whatever the world have been for us, a hope that we will provide the better world for our younger generations can be learned from the market.

To sum up, Just a little respect for the last thought, I want from my readers. 🙂

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