Renting a Human CEO’s Mind Via Future Download – Who Owns What?

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Okay so, Steve Jobs died before his time. However, what if he was able to upload his brain to a substrate prior to that perhaps realizing that his body would eventually give out and succumb to the cancer he had? That might be a possibility for others in the future. Okay so, if Steve Jobs was still alive, that is to say he still had consciousness inside of a computer, how much do you think his brain would be worth? Quite a lot to say the least – so, would they wheel in the computer which stored his brain for their Board of Directors meetings at Apple?

Would it be something similar to IBM’s Watson, where a kiosk could display his thoughts and calculate his decisions based on probability, while the other members of the Board of Directors listened to what he was saying? And as long as you had a copy of his mind, which was working in a substrate, it would be alleviated from all of the personal issues of life, or all the sensory perception that humans have to deal with, therefore its bandwidth could be increased to a speed equaling the world’s fastest supercomputer. Therefore, it could be rented out for a Board of Directors meeting for every company in the Fortune 500 who could afford it.

Ah ha, now I have your attention. So just how much would Steve Jobs brain be worth, and how much could we rent it out for, and who would be willing to pay for it? Any company worth its salt would definitely want the use of this mind within a computer substrate to help with research and development, marketing, and rollout strategies of new products. Steve was a brilliant man, with a one-of-a-kind mind. Do you see my point?

Now then, what if we made hundreds of copies of Steve Jobs’ mind, and hooked it to Enterprise level software for SAP or Oracle, and then used Bill Gates’ concept of a digital nervous system, where each one of these copies could be hooked to all the business units; warehousing, sales, marketing, retail outlets, supply chain, human resources, accounting, and the Board of Directors or command and control? Will this happen in the future? Will super CEOs such as Jack Welsh upload their minds to a substrate, and then rent them out?

Will super CEOs retire early, and collect royalties off of the bonuses that their mind operating within a computer substrate can create based on shareholders equity and quarterly profits? You might think this is science fiction, but if you understand the free-market system, and how things work, you know that this is a potential eventuality, and we need to start planning for it now. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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