Refrigerator Magnets – Some Interesting Ideas For Using Them As Marketing Tools

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Using refrigerator magnets and other advertising magnets as display items, is a trend that’s fast catching up. Today, every office and household would have some of these with interesting messages and designs. If you are planning to design some and distribute them to target consumers, you are certainly on the right track. These magnets could truly go a long way in creating a lasting impact on consumers, creating easy brand recall.

A lot would depend on how well your promotional magnets have been designed. The best thing to do would be to track down a designing partner of repute and get your magnets designed with their assistance. For creating a truly novel impact, you could also chip in with some of your ideas and have them implemented in the refrigerator magnets chosen. Some simple yet innovative advertising ideas have been listed below.

Refrigerator Magnets-Some Ideas

Listed below are some interesting marketing ideas that can help in enhancing the impact created by refrigerator magnets.

• Always make sure you attempt to stand out among other refrigerator magnets that might already be present on the refrigerator door. Choose unusual shapes, bright and brilliant colors, or a combination of both.

• Using neon lights with your refrigerator magnets is also a brilliant idea. So when the lights would be turned off, these magnets would continue to glow, thus standing out from the crowd. Besides, neon lights would ensure that they continue to make their presence felt on a continuous basis.

• One of the best ways to ensure that your magnets attract undivided attention is to add some value to it. Consider including a coupon code that can be used to redeem a gift of some sort. Including the availability details for a gift certificate is also a brilliant idea.

• Making your magnets informative is a wise move to make them more interesting. If the market you are catering to is primarily local, include some relevant local information on the magnets before you buy. For example, there could be a local event calendar for schools, useful telephone numbers, and so on. In a nutshell, the information should be of the sort that is put to use on a regular basis so that the customer continues to refer to it continually. This strategy would only prove to be productive when your market is local and not global.

• If you are a takeaway food joint or offer services through phone, having your telephone number printed on refrigerator magnets would be of great use. You could also use innovative techniques that would motivate customers to get in touch. For instance, include addresses like, “Call right away for free samples!”, “Call now for interesting offers!”, and so on.

• Providing brief product information and contact details on your advertising magnets is also a great idea to keep your consumers engaged. This would encourage customers to keep referring to them, thus enhancing visibility.

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