Reasons Not To Neglect Print Media

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These days, more and more people use mobile technology to read digital print. However, agencies and marketers are still using conventional print media to catch people’s attention. Many have shifted to online solutions because print media can be a bit expensive, especially when it comes to production. Nevertheless, print media should still not be neglected. Below are a few reasons why.

It still gets attention

In today’s IT age, it’s ironic that there’s a trend in people actually giving more attention and time to print materials that they receive, especially in the mail. Marketers can take advantage of this and send marketing brochures and fliers to prospective clients.

Print helps with retention

Customised newsletters and magazines were first created to help customers retain information. The biggest advantage to print is that the medium excels in visually stimulating a person’s memory. Hence, if they have a copy of that add, they can always recall what it looked like or actually keep the copy as a reference.

Trends will always come back

iPad applications, online content and social media are all additional parts to the marketing schemes that marketers develop today. Everyone is preoccupied with online marketing. However, what really excites media buyers and marketers are the schemes that aren’t used all that often. They are constantly looking for something new and different. Many people would look back to old trends and systems as a reference, and a lot of them will always go back to print media. That’s much of a stalwart the medium is.

Print media lets customers ask questions

A benefit of going online is that we can find the answers to all out questions. However, print is actually were we get the questions. Print media is one of the best ways for people to start thinking and ask questions about what they see. Print provokes thoughts and gets people thinking in a challenging way.

Print still keeps people excited

Some writers noticed that it is a bit harder to get someone to agree for an interview that will be used on an article posted online. However, it is the absolute opposite when the interviewer says that it will be published on print. A common notion amongst many people is that printed subjects and topics are seen as more credible compared to content found on the net.


Many people find that digital media is a bit too much at times. Unplugging means that a person disconnects themselves from all the digital tools they face. Most people turn their phones off or log out their email and IM accounts, and go for printed materials. It’s like taking a break by taking time to read.

So there you have it. Those are just some of the many benefits of print media that stand out even in today’s digital world. Both online and print media work best when placed alongside each other, so consider the benefits of taking a two-pronged approach to your marketing efforts.

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