Realtor Letter Types, Tips and Templates

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Hate writing Realtor letters? Many agents feel that they can’t write well, or that their writing lacks what it takes to sound professional with a punch of interest simultaneously. There are various types of letters that must be written as a Realtor, and you can even have a professional company do the job for you if you wish. Here are a few tips that will help insure that your Realtor letter is crafted effectively, and uniquely yours!

Some find writing letters a nearly torturous experience. They would rather pull their hair out or squeeze the guts out of one of those stress balls. Whether you are writing a real estate letter to sellers, buyers, or a prospecting letter, there are a few tips that make the process easier, so that you don’t see it as a gut-wrenching experience each time you write.

1. When writing to sellers, emphasize the action steps you take to market their property as effectively as possible. Tell them in detail about the unique methods in which you will market their property, and even what demographic you will market it toward. Don’t spend time talking about how great you are as a realtor – they want to know what you are going to do specifically for them.

2. In your Realtor letter to buyers, you take a slightly different approach. State emphatically that you are set on locating the best deal for them, no matter how long it may take. Never try to rush a buyer into a home, but spend a couple of weeks if necessary to find the home that will make THEM happy – and stress this in your letter. Hastiness may lead to dissatisfaction with their new home.

3. A great prospecting letter should be packed with powerful information about how you can help the buyer with the entire process, and letting them know that you are there to help through what is often a complex process. You should also make them aware that you are totally committed to their best interests.

While you can use generic letters, it’s always great to make each one unique to the intention of the letter. Personalize your template – it only takes a few minutes, and is uniquely yours! This is the key to maximizing the effectiveness of any communication you write. Let the client know that their happiness and satisfaction is first and foremost, and blabber less about how great you are. Soon you will see that your Realtor letter really isn’t that big ugly monster you thought it was!

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