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The Cheap Carrier Bags that are available in the market today are mainly the normal retail and shopping bags. They are ideal for promotional purposes because they can be ordered in bulk and you will be able to save large amounts of money. Moreover, since they are frequently used, you can be assured of brand visibility for as long as the bags are used.

There is a range of bags that fall into this category:

  • Polythene carriers
  • Paper carriers
  • Vest carriers
  • Coloured vari-gauge carriers
  • Brown and white paper carrier bags
  • And all other types of retail shopping bags

Given below are some Cheap Bags which could be frequently bought on offer at many online web stores:

Vest C.B.:

These are plastic shopping bags which are the most popular and could be bought at an amazing price. Most often they are available in special offers – if you order for a certain number you can get some free. They come in 3 sizes and 5 grades. The bags are commonly used at grocery stores, DIY shops etc. The vest carrier bag is made from white polythene and is a very economical shopping bag. You can select from a choice of micron thickness depending on the strength you wish to have on the carrier bag. Although these bags are simple in style you can imprint an attractive brand image. If you frequently browse the web stores you will always find a special offer on this type of bag, which will be very economical for you.

Striped Vest C.B.:

This is the next type of Cheap Carrier Bags. They are commonly used for retail purposes – colourful striped carrier bags which are available at very low prices. They are made from recyclable and reusable retail bags. Printing is economical as they come is 2000 pack bags. It is available in 2 popular bag sizes.

Coloured Varigauge C.B.:

This is a more fashionable bag which is perfect even for a gift carrier. It is fashionable and economical as well. It is made out of strong polythene which varies in thickness from a measurement of 90 micron at the top to 45 micron at the bottom for extra strength. It comes in the rich colours of silver, gold or dark green – and is well known for an economical up-market carrier. These Cheap Carrier Bags are available in two sizes and they feature double strength handles. It is strong and reusable.

Paper C.B.:

These bags are now being frequently used for retail packaging because of its traditional appearance and unique quality. They are manufactured using top grade paper from sustained forests. The special feature is that they are 100% recyclable and degradable. This brown paper carrier bag comes with a stylish twisted paper cord handle and is one of the most popular in the paper carrier bag range. This attractive bag is ideal for customising as you can achieve style and still show your concern towards the environment.

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