Radio Advertising: A Tried and True Means for Promoting Your Business

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When taking a good hard look at how to advertise your business offline, one’s thoughts often gravitate towards thinking of the heavy hitters:

* Radio

* Television

* Newspapers and Magazines

* Billboards

* Mail Campaigns

Although there are many way to promote your business offline other that the ones listed above, every advertising method has its own set of economies and cost price points to deal with. One method that continues to be very popular due to its favorable cost/benefit structure is advertising on the radio. As much as there has been a major shift towards using online resources for locating businesses and their products or services, many traditional advertising methods are still widely used today to drive traffic to a storefront or to a website.

Although the evolution of advertising on radio has moved to include the promotion of website addresses assisting the customer in obtaining additional information that may not be communicated during a brief radio spot, this does not mean that radio advertising “proper” has lost its effectiveness with the listener. Radio still remains a significantly important means for keeping your company name out in front of the customer and constantly reminding them that your products and services are readily available.

How to advertise your business offline effectively with radio spots does require some preparation to create the ad, record the ad and to schedule the ad to be run on one or more radio stations in the area. One will want to take a serious look at the demographics associated with the listeners for a particular radio station format as one will want to target stations that are a good fit with their business and its products or services. One will most likely have better advertising results if their company sells cowboy boots and saddles by advertising on a country/western station than by advertising on the local classical music station.

As compared to online resources, advertising on the radio is still a much better way to market a “sale” or a “special promotion.” The Internet has not become particularly friendly yet to promoting the fact that you are having a special sale via the results that one obtains when performing a typical search engine query.

Keeping in mind that many people still listen to the radio during their commutes to and from work, as well as the millions that have the radio on quietly even while at work, radio advertising represents a vast market that is still ripe for the taking. Well crafted ads can relay a lot of pertinent information in a 30 second spot. In as much as the squeaky wheel gets the grease, keeping your company’s name, products or services, location and web address constantly in the listeners ears does pay benefits for promoting brand recognition and driving sales.

When attempting to address how to advertise your business offline, radio advertising should remain a “piece of the puzzle.” When one is creating an overall picture of their promotional efforts, to disregard the many advantages of radio advertising as part of a total advertising package would be a mistake. The old phrase “A place for everything, and everything in its place” comes to mind. Radio advertising remains a powerful offline marketing tool despite the development of the Internet.

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