Pump Up the Holidays With Unique Marketing Efforts

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The common trend of businesses around the holiday season is to send gift certificates to their loyal customers and even prospects. There’s nothing wrong with doing this marketing strategy, but because everyone else is likely to be doing this strategy, you need to be more creative and stand out from the crowd. How do you do this? Here are some strategies you can do:

1- For your existing customers –

a. You can send out greeting card printing weeks before the holiday season. This will help get your name in front of your customers. They will remember you the next time you send your marketing materials or when the holiday season comes and they need to buy gifts for friends and family.

b. You can send a coupon which they can share to their friends, family, or colleagues. A huge incentive awaits the giver of the referrer. This will help get new customers while keeping the old ones.

c. You can send out articles about gift ideas. Your customers don’t need to think of the perfect gift for their friends and family. You have already done the job for them. This would surely encourage them to check out what gifts you have prepared for their friends or family.

2- If what you want if to promote brand awareness –

a. You can print cards that contain your business name, logo, and an enticing promo, perhaps a free coffee or anything that will draw people to your store. Give it to random people on the street. This will surely start a buzz about your business and encourage recipients to spread the word.

b. Partner with other businesses. Say, if you sell clothes, you can partner with shoe stores or jewelry stores. Explain to them how then can benefit from the partnership. You can recommend their store to your customers if they are looking for the perfect shoe or jewelry to match their dress. Cross marketing can benefit you both, so be sure to find the perfect business to partner with.

c. Take advantage of events to introduce your business. For example, you can organize a local fundraising event. Create invitations or greeting card templates that tell people about the event. Provide foods and entertainment. In return as people to donate old toys, clothes, or anything that you can use. Get everyone involved and it can turn out to be a successful event.

3- If you want to make it rewarding for customers to shop on your store –

a. Creating unusual products or offerings. You can tie together two of your best products in one holiday gift basket. You can also offer astounding discounts for a limited period of time. Anything unusual and creative will attract attention and interest.

b. Sort your products based on their price. This will make it easier for people on a budget to shop on your store.

c. Include free samples in your products. For instance, you can include energy bars or nutritional supplements with your best selling products. Free items are always enticing, so considering providing some freebies this holiday.

d. A punch card is also a good option. You can give out punch card for ten energy bars, five discounted consultations, or many others. People have to simple present the card every time they will avail of the item.

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