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As with all other businesses, the frontiers of dance marketing have become globally competitive. Existing customers need to be retained, while keeping the doors open for new customers. A proven strategy used by leading dance studios is to focus on a marketing mix that incorporates a high-up email-marketing solution. Here is a proven combination that always keeps a studio ahead of the competition.

Email marketing solution: This strategy begins with setting up a customer-listing. This is aimed at making existing customers as well as potential customers feel they are preferred customers. It starts with those walk-in customers. There are also those who contact you by phone calls. You would need a system of collecting their email addresses, including their consent to receive notifications of specials, promotions, and discounts.

Website and Newsletter: You can find email marketing soft wares with different options on the internet for your Newsletter. Be sure to choose a design that enables you to feature an article, photos of your classes or events, and even testimonies of your students. You should also feature the different classes you run and the uniqueness of your program. Do include your contact information, and a link directing people to your website for further information. Use the newsletter to inform and enlighten the reader about your studio. Provide an opportunity for opt-in subscription for your newsletter. Develop a subscriber list.

Print marketing solution: This traditional system is still as effective as ever before. You need a marketing mix that includes this proven method. You should have fliers of your studio at public facilities, like local schools, clubs and public events. Include your contact information and website address. Here are tested options that always produce amazing results.

Postcards: You could also use postcards, which are still very effective as means advertisements. As a matter of fact, you are missing out of a very significant print marketing-tool if you are not using postcards. Designing postcards for your dance studio is simple and easy. Using a 4 x 6 card, you can print very simple and brief messages on them. The card will appear like a personal message from a dear friend to your customers.

You can have them printed on your own computer, if operating on a budget. Otherwise, get them done professionally. Either way, the cost is going to be small compared to the cost of other forms of the print media. Post them out using your contact list. The postage cost for postcards is usually cheap.

Local Newspapers: Where your budget allows, it is a good idea to also put some advertisements in the local paper. There is still a market-segment that relies heavily on newspapers or even yellow pages for their information. The idea is to use all possible outlets to reach a market-segment you may not have reached so far. You need to keep widening your market-share of potential customers. Of course, some of the old customers have to move on, anyway.

Without any doubt, the competitiveness of the market for dance studios requires a thorough and systematic approach to dance marketing. The times have changed, and only studios that are ready to change steps with the times will lead the competition.

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