Promotional Wine Glasses – Sophistication and Promotions in One

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There is a certain touch of sophistication and class in Promotional Wine Glasses. This may be because wine glasses are often used during special occasions and gatherings. They are also associated with distinctive events that also make it an efficient promotional item. The exposure of your brand is a sure fire hit. The guests in the events may not notice it at once, but for sure it will be recognised.

Different Kinds of Promotional Wine Glasses

Wine glasses have various shapes and sizes, and they were made and classified according to their use or the type of drink that is advisable for the particular glass, because it emphasises the aroma and flavour of the wine.

Some even came up with the explanation that there is a specified area in the tongue where the wine would taste best, and so the shape of the glass influences the direction of the wine towards that particular area of the tongue. Here are a few of the varieties of Promotional Wine Glasses:

  • White wine glass. They are narrow wine glasses that allow the chilled wine to retain its temperature. They are not frosted nor coloured so as to fully appreciate the wine’s colour.
  • Hock glass. They look like small coloured bowl with twisted stem and base. This is one of the few coloured wine glasses.
  • Champagne flutes. These glasses are narrower compared to glasses for white wine. They are described as glasses having tulip-shaped sides.
  • Etched glasses. They can be hand painted or have geometrical patterns. This is ideal as gifts for younger clients, since their designs are spunky and stylish. They make good Promotional Wine Glasses.
  • Pinot Noir glass. It has rounder bowls that are usually reserved for brandy.
  • Bordeaux glass. It is a tall and narrow glass generally used for serving red wine. They are designed as such to get a full-bodied taste of the wine.
  • Grappa glass. This has been designed specifically for an Italian alcoholic drink, which is the Grappa. This is approximately 7 inches tall with a balloon shape glass in between the stem and the glass itself.
  • Margarita glass. It has a footed stem and a bell shaped bowl.
  • Martini glass. Similar to the margarita glass, it also has a footed stem, but the bowl is cone shaped.

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