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Stress is the way our body responds to bad experiences we encounter from our everyday living. The stress needs to be released. Otherwise, this will result to a serious illness. This is where Promotional Stress Balls come in. Utilise stress balls as giveaways to your customers or clients at trade shows and healthcare events. Whenever they feel stressed, they can relieve it every time they use the these balls you gave them and they are reminded of your brand. Imprinted with company logo and information, balls for relieving stress are ideal for brand endorsement given out for clients to live a life free from stress.

Different Kinds of Stress Balls

Promotional Stress Balls come in different hardness and sizes to suit everybody’s needs. Here are the commonly used balls to relieve stress that you can use for your promotions.

  • Rubber balls. It has rubber inside. Its hard and solid consistency offers a great relief in the arm and muscle.
  • Beanbag balls. These balls are made of leather and a little harder than rubber balls. This is effective for those who want to really feel the squeeze. Women commonly use this.
  • Chinese stress balls. These balls are decorated with beautiful Chinese symbols that have a chime in it. Whenever the ball rolled around the palm of the hand with a rhythmic motion it plays a calming two- tone melody to divert the mind from stress.
  • Foam balls. These Promotional Stress Balls are commonly found in conventions, business events, trades, and fairs.
  • Liquid filled balls. The most fascinating of all the types of stress balls. These are filled with water or gel and are often transparent. They can also be pre-filled with glitters or glistening confetti to make it more entertaining. However be cautioned not to be too harsh or the ball might burst.

How Do Stress Balls Help Us?

Here are reasons why we use stress balls.

  • There is a force that keeps our attention away from any negative causes of stress. By squeezing the balls, our mind becomes stable and relaxes.
  • It improves blood flow by stimulating blood circulation. Contractions of muscles caused by squeezing the balls help increase blood flow and therefore re-energises our body.
  • It improves our thinking by reducing stress.
  • It also improves better nervous system function by stimulating the hand nerves. It also stimulates endorphin release by the brain. Endorphin is a natural analgesic.
  • It keeps us diverted. Some common stress releasing techniques like shouting, punching, or throwing things are helpful but are very much disturbing to other people.

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