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Many companies often overlooked the potential and underestimated the power of using Promotional Stickers to advertise their business, products, and services to the world. What they do not know is that the stickers are effective for business exposure without spending much from their budget. Stickers can be used as giveaways whenever customers purchase an item or by simply visiting their stores or showrooms. When the customer sticks it on their vehicles, many people can recognise your company name, logo and message. So the more visible your stickers are, the more it increases name recall for your company. Utilising both sides of your sticker can maximise your business advertisement. The stickers can be used to deliver some information or messages about your company as well as its product that you want to convey to your prospect clients.

Things to Remember when Creating Promotional Stickers

If you want to get best results in producing effective Promotional Stickers, then you must note some reminders:

  • Plan for the stickers’ design layout. Of course, if you decide to market your product with the use of stickers, you also have to decide on what purpose it will serve. If you are a neophyte in sticker design, you can surf online for some pattern or designs. From the websites you can pick out what would be the best design for your sticker.
  • Make the Promotional Stickers simple. Simple stickers directly and clearly transport the message they reveal even in a distance. Be cautious on using small details, complex graphics, more than three colours and more than one simple image or message. Otherwise, it will look like newspaper ads. It must also appear as small billboards and stick with a clear logo or a headline.
  • Stickers should be visible. Remember, the purpose of your Promotional Stickers is to attract target clients. It should have a wide range of visibility. Therefore, it can be applied to visible locations like car bumpers, notebooks, or helmets.
  • Trendy and minimal cost stickers can be achieved when you consider die cutting. Any custom shape can be created using die-cutting.
  • Utilise as much space as you can on the sticker. You can print it with other information you want to convey to your prospects.
  • Consider reverse colour. White background is the strongest base for bold printed colours. For a single-colour sticker, a printed background is used.

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