Promotional Plastic Pens Keep Your Logo and Details Where Your Want Them

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Of all the promotional items available for promoting your business or organisation, promotional pens are the most popular. It is worth taking a little time to find the most innovative designs and styles before placing a large order for corporate pens. A good supplier that specialises in promotional printed pens will be happy to supply you with samples of the pens that are of interest to you. Following is a list of important things to consider when purchasing promotional pens for your business or organisation. Take these tips to heart and your details will always be easy for your customers to find when they require your products and/or services.

When Colour Matters

If your company colours are important to you and your brand, ensure that you actively look for corporate pens that can me made to order in your company colours. The most popular term to describe such services is ‘mix-n-match’ promotional pens. Many pens can now be made to order giving you the chance to pick the colours of the barrel, nib, cap, clip and any other special trim features on the pen. When you are trying to build your brand, handing your customers a handful of pens printed with your logo and designed in your company colours will do just that.

Look for Quality

If you like writing with a pen, chances are your customers will like writing with that pen. If time allows, ask for samples and test them. Purchasing the best corporate pens is not just down to their appearance! You are looking for smooth writing pens that feel like they are good quality. You are looking for pens that your customer will like using and not just throw in the bin along with your printed logo and contact details.

Use Online Suppliers

What is an online supplier? Most business gifts suppliers have a website that features their products but few have sites dedicated to promotional pens. Look for well established promotional pens websites that offer all of the latest styles and popular brands. The best promotional pens websites will have ‘quick quote’ online quotation systems in place so that you can get your price immediately without the need to wait. You can also expect to save a lot of money by using promotional pens experts because they will supply hundreds of thousands of pens every year making it possible for them to sell promotion pens to you at prices most promotional gifts suppliers could never come close to offering.

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Dan Toombs is Managing Director of CompuGift Limited, the UK’s leading online supplier of promotional gifts.

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