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Today I am writing with and testing an old favourite. The Senator Hattrix promotional pen has been on the market since I can remember. Hundreds of thousands are purchased and personalised with logos and contact details every month.

Being in the promotional pen industry as long as I have, I know how important it is to sit down and write with the promotional pens I sell. This is really the only way I can hand on heart promote one pen over another.

Every day I write four to eight blog posts. I used to do this the easy way – type them and post them to the net. Nowadays, I write each blog post first in freehand in an effort to test the promotional pens that play such a big part in business promotion. I test them for writing quality and comfort when writing for extended periods of time. In doing so I hope to offer you the information you need to purchase the best pens for your business marketing.

Using the Senator Hattrix today, I am not expecting any surprises. I know the Senator brand very well and trust the brand to produce great results. That said, it is always nice to get to know the pens better that people love and use to promote their businesses.

I have written well over 3000 words, about 12 hand written pages with the Hattrix and it preformed very well. Like all Senator pens, the Senator Hattrix is fitted with a top quality Senator refill. By top quality I don’t mean they are to the same standard as an expensive metal gift pen but they are some of the best quality plastic pens on the market.

The Senator Hattrix is available in several different styles. I have been writing with the Hattrix Basic ball pen. This is the least expensive of the range. Starting at around 40p each including a one colour print, this pen offers excellent value for money.

Now imagine your next big promotion. I am sure you would agree that the best way to promote your business is with promotional items that look like they were made with your business in mind. With the Hattrix you can do just that!

Senator offers a mix-n-match service which allows you to choose the barrel and trim colours. There is a large selection of stock colours to choose from. This service is not any more expensive than the standard stock pens but be prepared to wait about 3 weeks for delivery.

There is also a translucent pen option and a soft grip pen. Those of you wanting a little bling may like the Hattrix metal which is a plastic barrelled pen with a metal clip. It looks fantastic.

These promotional pens are very comfortable to write with. They look great and when printed with an eye-catching design, they will bring your excellent results!

So what are you waiting for? Ask for a few samples and get your next successful promotion under way!

For more information on promoting your business with Senator promotional pens and other low cost ballpens, please visit my daily promotional pens blog.

Dan Toombs is Managing Director of CompuGift Limited, the UK’s leading online suppliers of promotional pens.

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