Promotional Mugs – The Perfect Advertiser

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Promotional mugs have long been considered one of the most popular promotional items around.

Here are just some of the reasons why…

Great mileage for your logo

Promotional mugs are one of those gifts that people love to receive. Quite often a promotional mug will become the recipient’s ‘mug of choice’ so every time they enjoy a coffee break your logo will be on display.

What’s more, promotional mugs often double up as a pen holder so even without the coffee breaks your logo will be on display!

Excellent branding options

Promotional mugs offer a fantastic advertising space for your logo and can be fully branded to reflect your corporate colours. Printing options vary from a one sided print to a full wraparound design which means your logo will be visible from all angles. Photo re-production also means that you can create a highly visual design that will leave a lasting impression of your business.

A gift to suit (virtually) any occasion

From trade shows to corporate events, fund raisers to sporting occasions, promotional mugs can be used to promote virtually any kind of business. Promotional mugs are considered universal in appeal and are often the product of choice at any marketing event.


For such an effective advertiser, printed mugs offer exceptional value for money. Depending on your budget you can put your logo in your customer’s hand for less than the price of a morning coffee -much less than most other mediums.

Bulk ordering also means that further discounts are available so you can mass market your logo even when budgets are tight.

Wide variety of Styles

Promotional mugs come in a range of shapes and sizes so you can select the style that best complements your business. A hi-tech company, for example may want advertise on a mug with a modern angular design; whereas a manufacturing industry may choose a solid, chunky style mug.

Perceived high value

Whilst some promotional giveaways are considered disposable a promotional mug generally isn’t. It is for this reason that they have a higher perceived value than other products, which will reflect positively on your business. Just be sure to use a reputable supplier so you can be guaranteed the highest quality!

Ideal to team up with other products

To double the impact of your message promotional mugs can be teamed up with other promotional items such as coasters and mouse mats. As a combined gift your message will have twice the appeal and ensure lasting brand awareness for your business. Whatever your promotion, a printed mug is one of the most effective ways to market your business.

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