Promotional Items That Let the Games Begin!

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Just because businesses use promotional items for marketing purposes does not mean they cannot have a little fun with them. Promos with a game or leisure theme show off the lighter side of a company, making it more relatable to consumers. Who would not prefer a promotional yo-yo to a pen? Getting fun with promos is something any company can do without spending a lot of money because products are available in several price ranges.

Fun Promotional Items Less Than $5 Each

When corporations tighten their belts, even the marketing budget can suffer. Fortunately, there are plenty of promos available for less than $5 a piece. Personalized megaphones in assorted colors cost less than $1 each, offering the perfect way to shout about the business from the rooftops. There are several inexpensive products designed for the summer season including sunglasses, flexible frisbees, and inflatable beach balls.

Eventually, summer must end, turning to fall. In the minds of some prospects, this season is synonymous with football. A customized stadium seat cushion is the perfect fall promo and on sunny fall days, a logoed folding sun hat will also come in handy at a game. People who listen to their sports on the radio while raking leaves in the yard will appreciate a holder for their audio player.

Promotional Items That Cost $5 to $10 Each

Some people prefer to make their own fun and will enjoy customized playing cards. They can spend hours playing card games with friends and family members. As the competition heats up, more than one of those games is likely to include some wagering. Playing cards are versatile promos because they can be used for both group and individual card games. People who prefer to bet on themselves achieving their fitness goals will love exercise-themed promos like jump ropes. Some versions even feature an onboard display that calculates distance, number of jumps, and calories burned.

If a basic stadium cushion is not soft enough, higher quality versions are available for between $5 and $10 a piece. A blanket packaged in a customized case is another option for people who enjoy spending time at the park or watching a sporting event. When the day turns cloudy, this cover will come in handy. Businesses that provide promos such as this offer something that consumers will use frequently.

Promos Over $10 a Piece

If a business can afford to spend more than $10 a piece for promo items, vendors offer several excellent choices. AM-FM radios allow people to listen to music, sporting events, and the weather forecast. A packaged BBQ utensil set is typically available for about $20 and includes tools like tongs, a fork, a spatula, and a basting brush.

Game enthusiasts will be in heaven when they receive a promotional poker set. The typical system includes playing cards, dice, poker chips, and instructions, packaged in a hard case imprinted or engraved with the company name or logo. Executive sets feature more chips and a higher quality case, creating quite an impressive corporate gift. offers promotional items at all price points. Whether you have a budget of $100 or $1,000 for this year’s promotional items you will be able to find something that will help build your brand and that your customers will love! For more information, visit our website today!

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