Promotional Gifts – If It Seems Too Cheap It Probably Is

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I have been in the promotional gifts industry now for nearly 5 years and seen a massive difference in the quality of the items. It worries me when we quote a very good price for something and the customer comes back saying they have a price that is 10% cheaper than the price we can source the goods for.

We always try to price our products at a very competitive rate, but you also get a top class service with us including free samples, quick response time and the benefit of our experience to guide you to the right items. And in the unlikely event that there are problems we want to sort out the issues straightaway, no hiding!

If one of our customers tells me they can get the ‘same’ product for XXp less, I try to explain to them that they should ask for a sample of the product first so they can see the quality but often they don’t. And often they are disappointed with the finished product as after a week or two it breaks, or the printed comes off.

It’s like buying a smart phone. Imagine this scenario:

I walk into an Apple store and approach the salesman and say;

‘I really like this iPhone 4, how much is it?’
‘£400 on sim free sir’ replies the salesman
‘Oh, I can get them from China off eBay for £80, I will go with that’

Now, even if you know nothing about phones alarm bells should be ringing. Why is that iPhone from China £80 when its £400 in the Apple store? because it is a clone.

It is the same with promotional gifts. There are copies of top selling pens available for a third of the price of the original pens. But they are not the same pen; they are often made from low quality moulds with poor quality materials and cheap ink refills and are false economy.

I know price is a big factor in business today, but please always be aware of the quality of what you are buying as there is nothing worse in sending out items to your top customers only to find they fall apart after a few weeks, that will not send out a positive message.

Be sure you get what you want by asking for samples, and buying from a company that you trust.

We enjoy speaking to people and helping them get the most out of promotional gifts. So please feel free to pick up the phone and call FREE 0800 630 0087 and we will be more than happy to talk through any promotional questions or situations with you.

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Written by Ian Storer of Aarons Promotions Ltd – The Promotional Gifts Kingdom.

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