Promotional Gifts Are a Small But Important Part of Your Marketing

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I just returned yesterday evening from the Trade Only exhibition – a promotional merchandise exhibition held annually where exhibitors can show all of us distributors their latest ‘must see’ products. In my opinion, however, the social media, computer tech and search engine optimisation seminars that were also on offer were much more interesting than anything on the exhibition floor.

I have been in the promotional gifts industry for over 20 years and it is rare that any one product jumps out at me as the product of the year – the product everyone simply must see.

The fact is, useful gifts like promotional pens, mugs and mouse mats all work wonders in promoting your businesses because we all need and use these products daily. Those of us who also want to promote our businesses in every way possible are also taking advantage of new real-time marketing techniques.

Promotional gifts used with social networks, blogging and other forms of social media will help build your brand in a way that was never before possible.

None of the thousands of promotional products displayed and sold at the show will have maximum impact if they are not used together with new real time marketing. They are but a small part of the bigger picture that we all need to be taking part in if we want our businesses to succeed.

I was amazed at the low attendance of the social networking seminar that had been very highly promoted in trade magazines and online at the low attendance. There were about fifteen people in the audience which left over one hundred seats empty. I have used social networking and social marketing in my own business promotion for a few years now but I always like to learn something new. I was not going to miss it!

When asked by the speaker, Dale Denham – CEO of Maryland Pennysaver – who had flown into the UK from the US for the event – who in the room was on Twitter, only three raised their hands!

This says something. There are those who sell promotional gifts because they have a few good sources and a nice catalogue. Then, there are those who sell marketing solutions of which promotional gifts are just a slice in a very big pie.

Don’t be like those people in the room who thought Twitter to be a waste of time or worse those who could not be bothered to attend. Use these free forms of marketing to promote your business. Get to know them and when you do, promote your online presence through the use of good quality and useful promotional merchandise.

Let your customers know where you are both by address and online and they will never need go looking for your details when they next require your products and/or services.

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Dan Toombs is the author and managing director of CompuGift Limited – a leading online supplier of promotional merchandise.

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