Promotional Flashlights Become Preparedness Essentials

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Up and down the east coast of the United States, millions of citizens prepared for one of the worst hurricanes in years, Irene. As they did, their thoughts likely scattered from canned food, boarding up windows, reserving water in bathtubs, and in the worst cases, evacuation. One preparedness item that every person was looking for was a flashlight. Some households and businesses purchase at least one for an emergency, but one is never enough. A powerful tool and a sense of security, everyone wants to have one in a blackout situation, even children. So after finding the one emergency flashlight, the next level is to think about other lighting options. And with candles and matches being an ill advised option due to fire hazard, households begin to think about promotional flashlights. Acquired in a variety of ways, these advertising tools become safety tools in time of emergency. The hurricane preparation may uncover quite a few forms of flashlights that will come in handy.

The most likely find is the key chain light. Attached to a key ring and distributed by advertisers such as car dealerships and auto mechanics, these tiny flashlights are primarily meant for users to find their keyhole in the dark or for looking under the seats of their cars. With the advent of LED bulbs, their lighting power has become significant, resulting in their usefulness as a personal flashlight for emergency situations. Since they use batteries that are still commonly stocked in most modern houses, there are plenty of household items to “steal” power from. A remote control from a TV or a wall clock can provide a backup battery for extended use of the keychain flashlight.

Larger promotional flashlights are also commonly found around the house during emergency preparation. Given out by an insurance company, bank or small business to their customers, or even handed out by companies as employee appreciation gifts, these flashlight promotions are effective advertising since recipients are likely to hold onto them. One of the most common full sized flashlights given today is the rechargeable. Easy to power through squeezing a lever or shaking to generate a charge, these battery free flashlights are valuable in hurricane and disaster prep kits.

It is easy to dismiss many promotional products that you come by as toss away tchotchkes, but the flashlight is not one of them. Used to provide reassuring light and to help find a way during blackout conditions, or even to signal for help during rescue efforts, these advertisement handouts are safety tools that will provide years of service. With efficient LED bulbs and rechargeable batteries they will always be ready in case of an emergency.

Michael Lerner is a recognized expert in the field of promotional products and preparedness promotions.

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