Promotional Erasers – Making a Mark in the Advertising Industry

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These Promotional Erasers are the perfect promotional items if your target markets are students or office employees because they would have much use for it. When considering items to be given out as advertising products, you must always primarily take into consideration the correlation between the usefulness of the item to your target consumers. In this way, the items you give away will be appreciated and possibly be used on a daily basis.

A technique often used as a marketing strategy for Promotional Erasers is making them into collectible items, wherein a customer tends to purchase or patronise the product to complete their collection. Example of this is imprinting comical strips on erasers with wider surfaces. For the bulkier erasers, you can form Lego shapes that consumers will find it interesting to complete.

Popular Types of Promotional Erasers

Here are some popular erasers used for business promotions.

  • Standard eraser. This is the most common and simplest type of eraser available in the market. Their surfaces are wide enough to print your brand. This is usually distributed to offices since they are just plain erasers that are not much appealing to children.
  • Book-shaped eraser. This is one of the ordinary Promotional Erasers that is generally ivory in colour. What can be modified though to make it classier is the soft pliable plastic cover in which you can have a wide array of colours to choose from.
  • Chunky eraser. This eraser has a wider and excellent printing area compared to others. They are bulkier and chunkier, as the term suggest which makes it last longer than the ordinary types.
  • Retractable eraser. This type looks like a thick pen. The eraser is enclosed in a plastic barrel and in that barrel is where you can imprint your brand or logo. It looks sophisticated and stylish in a way that you can retract the eraser every time you use it and then retract it back after using.
  • Flexi eraser. This eraser is the one that is contained inside the barrel for retractable erasers, but some are even longer. This is usually given out as promotional items if your target markets are students of the younger generation. This looks appealing to them. This is because aside from being colourful, their unusual length and thinness makes it interesting. You can flex it or tie as knots since it is made of specialised pliable rubber and plastic.
  • Rainbow eraser. This is also ideal for children since it is made up of a mixture of colours like the rainbow, making it attractive to the eyes. It also has ample surface to print your logo.

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