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Looking for way to promote your business can take a great deal of time and effort and not to mention, eat into your budget. It is usually wise to look for low cost methods of promoting your business and this can be done through promotional merchandise, specifically promotional mugs. Promotional mugs are large enough to display your brand effectively, and they can used in so many different places to increase the visibility of your brand too.

Being creative with your design

Mugs can come in all different designs so you can be as creative as you want to be. You can think outside the box with the kinds of mugs you can come up with too. You could create them in different mediums other than ceramic by opting for a thermos, for instance. Ceramic mugs are usually cheapest, and last a reasonable length of time too as they are easy to clean and mostly dishwasher safe.

Widely used by different people

A mug is used every day by lots of people regardless of their interests and activities. Because it is a common item that can be enjoyed by many you really do not need to spend too long thinking about who you are going to target. Your mug will appeal to everyone.

Offering travel mugs

If you did want to hone in on a particular group, such as businessmen and women then you could opt for a travel mug. This is always warmly received by people who find that they spend a great deal of time in their cars each day.

The staying power of promotional mugs

If you think of the staying power of a promotional mug in comparison with television and radio advertising then it is not hard to see why many businesses of all sizes opt for promotional merchandising. Branded mugs given away as gifts do work to increase brand awareness and improve public perceptions of your brand.

Creating a strong and original brand

Once you have thought about the style and shape of the mug you are going to give away you can start to think about the design you will put on it. You should focus on eye-catching designs that are easily recognisable so that they can be remembered if you choose to brand different items in the future. Creating an identity through a brand is important if you want people to remember you. Sometimes the brand imagery is all a customer will remember as opposed to the company it represents. Try to be as original as you can be for this purpose as it will help with consumer recognition.

Talking to potential customers

Giving a promotional mug to a prospective customer allows you the opportunity to talk with a customer for a brief moment. The free gift will hold their attention momentarily so that you can speak about your brand for short period of time. Hopefully this along with the gift will be enough to resonate with the customer so that they will think of you in the future.

Increasing brand awareness

Once you have given out your mugs, your brand will be seen in homes, shops, and offices all over your targeted area. Both colleagues and passers-by will see your mugs and catch sight of your brand, perhaps long enough that they might recognise it should they see it again. All of this publicity will serve to increase brand awareness, and ultimately your consumer base.

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