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Advertising and promoting the business is important for a business owner to generate profit. One great promotional product that can be used to generate income for your business is fridge magnets. Here are some tips on how to use magnets to promote your business.


Step 1:

Keep the design simple. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a magnet to promote your business. Facts are that any magnet that actually sticks to metal will work for this. Costs can run anywhere from 19 cents to over a dollar and can be purchased online. You should go for a size of about two by three inches, also known as ‘the standard business card magnet’ – and make sure that you buy thousands of them!


Step 2:

Put useful information on your magnet. To ensure that customers keep and use your promotional magnet, be sure to include handy information and facts. When you order a pizza, many of the popular delivery restaurants put their toll-free number on the magnet – this makes it super easy for people to find the phone number on their refrigerator instead of trying to find the phone book. If you’re promotional magnet is useful to the consumer, your promotions will be more successful. An advertising magnet that includes a calendar is a useful item because it contains your business information and people love calendars that save space on the fridge.


Step 3:

Make your magnet a one-off. Nobody will want to put a plumber’s magnet on the refrigerator. Use promotional materials that people will actually use, like a picture frame with your business name that can hold a cherished childhood photo. Even if your business information is not important, people should still have a reason to keep your promotional magnet around. For example you could include a handy clip. Any promotional tool that has another use will be accepted better by your client base.


Step 4:

Be sure to give a magnet to as many people as possible. Those who use promotional magnets to advertise their business must make sure that they hand them out to everyone who is living and breathing. Hand out your magnets to every client you have now, possible clients, acquaintances of clients and also your rival’s clients. The more people who have one of your promotional magnets, the better the opportunity to promote your company and enjoy the rewards of extra profits.

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