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Printed calendars for your business have many benefits, the best of which is the fact that they are able to be seen year-round. So, if you design them properly and distribute them to people who you know will use them in their homes or offices, you have a 365 day advertisement for your business contained in one piece of printed material. Calendars make great holiday gifts, but are also good to have on hand throughout the year for other types of events where they could be useful.

Calendars are extremely popular with businesses because of the above-mentioned facts. They are great marketing tools for your business, but they are still a gift from you to someone. And, it is a gift that they will actually use! There is nothing better than receiving a nice calendar at the end of the year from one of your vendors, friends, etc. The trick is to make the calendars nice to look at, so people will want to hang them on display, but still advertising for your business at the same time.

Once your calendars are hanging on someone’s wall or resting on someone’s desk, you have no idea the number of different people who will come in contact with your calendar. This is why you want to make sure that your company name is highlighted somewhere on each page, or at the bottom of the calendar on an elongated back page. This way, if someone seems interested in what they see on your calendar or wants to know more about your company, they know who you are. It is a smart idea to also include basic contact information such as your company website, phone numbers, emails, and so on. Make sure someone can get a hold of you! This is your main objective, after all.

The best way to make your calendars successful marketing tools is to have each month showcase a specific product or service that your company offers. Try and do this with colorful photos or eye-catching text. You want anyone who is looking at your calendar to notice it immediately. This is why the design is so important and what you choose to include. Make sure it all serves your overall purpose, which is to market your company in the most positive light possible and hopefully increase your sales and revenue at the same time.

Using an online printing business to make your printed calendars is a great idea because you can get them designed and printed quickly. There are several great printing companies out there that can help you get started with your calendar order today.

Jay T. Jacobson is a small business owner and has been using Calendar Printing to build and continue his business with his customers.

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