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In the era of online marketing and promotion, event listing websites are a major component of an event marketing strategy. Research shows that using free event listing websites can give organizers unlimited access to numerous attendees in no time. Hence, it’s important for organizers to make the best use of these websites, so that they get the needful exposure and publicity in the market.

Using these websites is definitely a great idea as it helps organizers to explore numerous channels to promote their events. Posting your ad in such free listing websites creates awareness about your event, which directly impacts on the exponential increase in attendance. Normally, organizers adopt a few simple tactics to promote their events using these sites. Take a look here to know more.

1. To list your event under free listing promotional websites, you have to pick out specific keywords. Tagging your event with targeted keywords will give it more coverage. Instead of using terms like “music”, use the name of the artist, or venue. Precise terms are likely to help attendees to look up your event easily.

2. In case you do not find the space to include your tags, you can get in touch with the website administrator to address this issue. You can also add tags to the events description, so that people can easily find your event.

3. A great way is to use a picture while posting your event on the listing site. However, make sure that it perfectly matches with the criteria provided by it. You may require further customization of the picture if required so by the website. Keep in mind that profiles with photos is likely to attract viewer attention instantly.

4. For best results, do consider including a ticket link. It can help you to secure more registrations for your event. Suppose, your viewers stop by your event postings, while browsing through the listing sites. If you provide a ticketing link, interested viewers can purchase the ticket directly.

5. You can take help of digital marketing software, which allows you to post your event details to a number of sites simultaneously. It helps you to save on a considerable amount of time, while promoting your event in the most cost-effective way.

6. It’s important to identify the most relevant sites. Unless you post your ad on the appropriate sites, you are less likely to draw the attention of your target audience or get adequate promotional benefits out of these listings. Consider the purpose of your event and do a little research about your target audience. In this way, you will be well aware of which event listing sites are helpful for promoting your events.

Try out these tips to start your own event promotion campaign.

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