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Project Management Organizations (PMO’s) are growing in popularity in many larger companies. With that comes a need to manage projects in a platform that allows for work to transcend all functional organizations to create and maintain project effectiveness and reach business goals. The three levels of structure used to manage projects within a company will lead you to successful project completion when the project crosses functional boundaries.

The executives or the functional managers – These are the people in charge of determining if the project will be created or put aside. This group is also known as the steering committee. They have the responsibility at the highest level to determine budgets and commit resources to a project. These are also the people that will set the goals for the project and usually have a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to determine if their goals are being meet. This is where the project charter and related high level documents will be created. This is there a project idea becomes a project.

The project managers – This group of individuals have the important function of sharing best practices, determining which tools to use and what methodologies to use for the projects, and coordinating information between the end users and the staff doing the work. They are also evaluating the work being done to ensure that is in keeping with the requirements set forth by the steering committee. Budgets and timelines are also their responsibility. Projects that fall behind or miss the mark will fall on their shoulders. These are the people that are responsible for the project success.

The support staff – These are the people or companies that coordinate or do the work. They will work closely with the project managers to determine specific requirements for the project and work to complete the requirements in a manor that conforms the wishes of the steering committee. The project managers and support staff will create all other documents needed for good project development. Risk assessments, design documents, support documentation, test plans all will be created in this group and the project managers. Support staff have the responsibility of creating the solution outlined by the steering committee.

Don’t forget the executive sponsor. This person will be the most important person for your project. This person will champion your efforts with the other executives and go to bat for you when you hit rough spots during your project. And you will hit rough spots.

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