Profitable Dental Marketing – To Blog or Not to Blog, What Do I Say About My Dental Practice?

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Blogging on your dental practice website is a smart move. You can tell patients and potential patients about upcoming events and specials in your practice. Remember it is about the patients not about the practice!

When you keep the patients in mind it becomes much easier to create new blog posts on a regular basis. With anything on the internet, especially your website, consistency is critical.

Here are 3 categories you must utilize on your blog to keep your readers coming back.

Educate: Blog posts can be about new and different dental techniques and procedures, but are best written with the patient in mind. How will it benefit them? Provide tips too and definitely on topics other than dentistry. We all know that for most people going to the dentist is not one of their favorite activities.

Communicate: If anything is new and different write a blog post, whether it is a long post or a short post, provide information to your patients. Maybe you have road construction in your area, a post about how to get around it would likely be appreciated.

Once the post has been created send an email and let them know what is now ready for them to read, investigate and discover.

You want to make sure that your blog posts connect to other social media platforms where your patients already gather. Whether it is Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Squidoo, any of the different platforms. Make sure that your blog posts are available on your Facebook Page and that people can easily share your information with their friends.

This will be another way to get referral patients. Communicate with as many tools as possible.

Entertain: The third technique for your blog is to entertain. What do your patients like to do?

Ask them.

Find out from the conversations you have with your patients. Do you have a ton of patients in your practice who are sports fans? If so perhaps your blog could include posts about the local sports team.

Are your patients dog owners? Find out what your patients like to do. You can then provide posts on your blog that are going to entertain them about their hobby, the sports team they cheer for, whatever interests them.

You can also have a regular occurrence of a puzzle, a quiz, a contest, something that engages your patients so that they want to come back to your blog. They know it is a great place to get education, to find information, and to be entertained.

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