Professionals and Online Businesses – Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

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Do you sell products and services online? Chances are very good that you are leaving money on the table when you make a sale.

In fact, you probably have heard about selling every time you hear, “Would you like fries with that?” Upselling is a basic part of sales and marketing. It is a great way to increase the size of the order and to satisfy the customer’s needs. Professionals who run online businesses might not realize that what works at restaurants could work for them as well.

Many professionals are so happy to make one sale, they don’t realize they could be making more money and serving their clients better if hey done one simple thing: offer more products to their new customers.

The process of asking for additional orders is called “upselling” and it is a process that many thought leaders, authors and speakers have not heard of. This article will explain how to upsell and ask for the order.

It is important for small businesses and entrepreneurs to realize that the sale is just the beginning of the relationship. If you have more products and services to offer your new clients, and you don’t tell your new clients about these additional products then you are doing a dis-service to them and to yourself.

Examples of upselling

Here’s how an upsell would work.

Let’s say you are a travel company. You sell someone a plane ticket. Now you can offer them a discount on a hotel or a rental car.

– If you sell restaurant coupons, you might make one sale for one restaurant and then upsell people to more coupons at other restaurants.
– If you sell coaching services, you might upsell people on books or training products you’ve created.
– If you sell books, you might offer other books in the category by other authors. Or you might suggest readers to buy your coaching services.
– If you sell shirts or shoes, you could upsell people to additional clothing items or accessories.
– If you sell software, you might upsell clients to buy a service contract.

As you can see, the list of possibilities is limited only by your imagination. You can upsell customers on your products or products that were created by others that you can resell.

Not every shopping cart can help you upsell. In fact, most shopping carts don’t have this feature at all – even though it is an essential tool that can help you make more money and provide more services to your clients.

If you ask new clients to buy more products and services from you, you just might find they actually like the idea!

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