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ProcureCon hosts conferences via the following regions: Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, North America, as well as virtual online webinars. The ProcureCon conferences invite top senior executives from global Fortune companies to discuss opportunities to enhance global procurement capabilities and procurement cost effectiveness. The 2012 issues to be discussed involve using current analysis to move procurement beyond cost cutting to strategic initiatives and how to encourage innovation in the supplier base. Shared challenges across global industries are shared and through informal processes which are discussed usually in 3 day benchmarking sessions.

Other topics outlined in a ProcureCon procurement building conference, include the viability of outsourcing; managing risk advantages; achieving set objectives in integrating sustainable procurement; globalization procurement complexities and how to receive value-added-services from suppliers. ProcureCon is a supply chain conference which also aides in keeping shared procurement topics focused in an ever-changing global climate.

By bringing together leading procurement managers, ProcureCon becomes a driving force of supply continuity, investment interests, and discussions on working capital for R&D. Procurement industry executives discuss the current global issues to help strengthen the areas of analysis, research and cost effectiveness. Keeping costs from spiraling out of control is the goal of procurement arrangements, because money spent unnecessarily constitutes lost profits. The Procurement process requires a few steps to achieve success and the first active direction is seeking out the right suppliers for a company’s product and services and establishing a trustworthy relationship.

Negotiation is then a follow-up to contract talks about price, shipment, delivery schedules and payment terms. Delivery, consumption rates and possible renewal discussions are the final steps to a successful procurement system. Challenging procurement laws and regulations are also discussed, formally and informally, at a ProcureCon supply chain conference. In the United States, even federal and state regulations differ slightly, but are in consensus under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

FAR encourages a proposal or RFD meeting between potential vendors and procurement officials to exchange vital information for the government’s regulatory satisfaction. Communication involves public hearings, marketing research, request for information notices and site visits. Combining the United States regulations with its global counterparts is what ProcureCon supply chain conferences hopes to achieve. The European Commission this year issued new regulations for non-European countries to help make the procurement field more level. The bilateral agreement with the U.S., the European Union along with the World Trade Organization’s Government Procurement Agreement, all respected the initiative.

Our supply chain conference has changed a lot in the last few years; visit our website if you’re considering attending.

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