Printing Your Own Business Cards With Your Inkjet Or Laser Printer

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Your business cards are your marketing tool for the world. Not only does it provide your contact information, it also introduces you and your company and conveys its image. The one you carry is an important tool in building and sustaining your business reputation.

It’s important to get your cards into the public’s hands. Offer them to customers every time you see them, give them to everyone in a group, not just the boss, include them with your letters, thank you notes and birthday cards, hand out extras and have them passed along. Passing out all these small, but powerful marketing tools can be expensive but you can save money by designing and printing them at home. All you need is a little bit of time, a modern inkjet or laser printer, and some printer ink or toner cartridges.

A program like Publisher or websites like HP’s Creative Studio makes it easy to produce unique and professinoal designs for your business, whether you use a template or create your own design. You can take your design to a commercial printer but you can get great professional designs with your home printer as well. Using your desktop printer is usually less expensive, especially if you save money on cheap ink cartridges or toner cartridges and it gives you the convenience and flexibility to change your business cards when needed. You should include the following basic elements:

1. Your company name and logo
2. Your name and title
3. Your mailing address, phone and fax numbers
4. Your e-mail address
5. Your Web site address (URL)

Many of the common card creation software available will take you through the steps of business card creation from choosing a logo, setting the colors and fonts, card orientation and creating your design. Make sure you get good card stock to print your cards on. Most office supply stores have packages of ready sized business cards, some with colors and designs already on them to help with creating the perfect business cards.

Create two-sided business cards

Creating two sided business cards is a great way to include additional information on your card. You might want to include one of the following:

1. Map
2. Driving directions
3. Coupon
4. Special discount for a referral
5. Company motto
6. Product list
7. Translation of side one into another language

If you are printing two-sided cards, print your design on plain copy paper first to check for alignment and proper sized margins.

Once you’ve created your business cards, get them out there and see the marketing increase your bottom line.

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