Printing Process For Promotional Mugs

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When a business offers promotional mugs to their clients, or potential clients, it is a very well received gesture. The printing process is quite interesting as well.

While the color, cost and mug type are usually the determining factor, there are multiple ways to have promotional mugs printed. The most commonly used methods are screen printing, dye sublimation printing, laser etching, transfer printing and digital printing.

Screen printing is the best choice when the logo or graphics are about equal to the mug size and the colors are distinct and not blended. This process is fast, allowing for thousands to be printed in a day.

The transfer printing process, on the other hand, is done when the designs involve intricate cuts or curves and need fine detailing. The process does not involve direct printing onto the promotional mug. It is first printed on the transfer paper and then applied to the surface with the hand. Similar to transfer printing, digital printing involves a laser printer with digital technology like the ones used at offices. When the design or the logo to be printed is of high resolution or contains photographs, the transfer printing process might not be very effective. Thus in such cases the laser printers are used. It has a drawback that it is a little costly and does not print a huge quantity in a day but proves to be very useful if the design is a photo.

Dye sublimation is another printing process which uses organic colors. This gives a beautiful effect when using a large amount of color over a large space and adds a luxurious shine. Laser etching is another interesting method which produces artistic enhancement to promotional mugs. It is a high end process which actually engraves or carves the design into the mugs. This is a great selection if you are looking for wrap around designs and a very elite presentation.

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