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Sure, catalogs, even cheap catalogs at that, are designed to make your products and services look good. In fact, they are designed precisely to attract attention. But more than that, catalog printing is supposed to make money…lots of it.

Any catalog printing has one objective: to present the products and services in a way that would successfully encourage the readers to order from the list. Cheap catalogs have the responsibility of getting orders and make a profit. And while many of your target clients may be impressed with your fancy design and colorful graphics, the design per se does not sell. It’s what’s inside your print catalogs that get the job done.

With catalog printing, any business owner can double his or her response with simple marketing techniques. One way to do this is to give special treatment to your target clients. By making them feel special whenever they read and order from your cheap catalogs, you’ll surely get them to respond to your offer every time. Here’s how:

Place your bestseller in the cover. Although your designer may cringe at the thought of putting your most profitable item on the cover, especially if it’s a large one, it surely can attract the attention of your customers and prospects. Anything large and overwhelming can definitely grab attention. That’s why billboards are very popular, not to mention effective marketing tools of the trade. They’re so larger than life that you can’t help but notice them.

Include a personalized letter. A “letter from the president” on the inside cover is one way of making your target readers feel special. This shows your target audience that there’s a real person in your company. It makes them feel that you gave enough time to actually write them and make them feel secure about your business. But you might say that no one ever reads them anyway so why bother. My answer is if you can do them right, your letters will get read. Who wants to get bored reading a letter? So if you make sure that your letters are not going to bore your readers to tears, your catalog printing can be a very effective selling tool that can really bring the profits in.

Send out your catalogs immediately after each request. This is especially true for catalogs that have a big number of orders. Don’t wait for the next schedule of your distribution before you act on the requests. Even if it meant sending it via first class mail or priority mail package, be sure to act on a request as soon as you get them.

Just remember that the objective of having your catalog printing is to make a profit. Adding that extra special touch to your catalog marketing can go a long way in getting your target clients to buy your products and services every time they read your print catalogs.

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