Polythene Carrier Bag Represents a Strategy That Will Result in Massive Brand Building

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For the dedicated marketing executive, the simple Polythene Carrier Bag represents a reasonable strategy that will result in massive brand building, and is worth its weight in gold – but of course no marketing executive means the latter part literally. Any company is interested in the most generated brand awareness, obviously, but they also want to achieve this at the minimum possible cost. Now this might not be as hard as one thinks – if one thinks in a limited manner, ‘inside the box’ so to speak, things are difficult. But if one applies a little imagination much more is possible.

Carrier bags are an excellent example of this – cheap to the point of costing almost nothing, the Polythene Carrier Bag nevertheless has the same brand building visibility as many more costly promotional articles. Yes and the low rates mean that you can, for the same price as would cover a much smaller area with more costly promotional goods, cover an entire city. Yes, can you just imagine stores all over the city handing out bags with your company logo on them, as well as an inspiring slogan, and of course, contact information.

And then people will load goods into these bags and walk down the street, displaying your logo to the world, and everyone who sees them will, unconsciously, come under the umbrella of your brand building campaign.

What could be more effective than a promotional Polythene Carrier Bag? T-shirts? They have a limited appeal, and a limited sphere of operation – and many people have objections to wearing a t-shirt with a corporate message on it – but no one objects to the same message on a large carrier bag. It’s accepted that a carrier bag will usually have some sort of a logo or message – so why shouldn’t it be yours.

You can make deals with small business owners across the city, who, for a small consideration, will distribute your bags when they package their products for customer. And of course, it goes without saying that this strategy will be more effective if the stores and small businesses that you target in this way are in some way affiliated with or on the periphery of your own business.

However you must remember that a promotional campaign alone, even one using such an effective marketing tool as the Polythene Carrier Bag, is unlikely to succeed on its own. You need to bolster it with other strategies, with sufficient representation at trade shows, for example. This is an excellent method of reinforcing your visibility. You make a good presentation at a trade show and impress customers, and simultaneously, you launch a carrier bags promotional campaign across the city.

What happens is that customers take a powerful fresh impression away with them from the trade show, and then that impression is reinforced every time they see one of your carrier bags. They begin to think – ‘this is a big company – they have their name everywhere’ – and that thought is the beginning of trust.

That is all that a good campaign using the Polythene Carrier Bag takes – a little planning and the right choices will make your company one of the brand giants in your sphere of operation.

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