Plastic POP Displays Present a Multitude of Benefits

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Point of purchase (or point of sale) displays are placed at or near the billing counters of shops and supermarkets. These displays could be of several types, such as product displays, posters, signage, banners, lighted displays or even posters. Plastic POP displays are essentially tools that make your product or brand noticeable to the customer. Such displays are also important from the ‘impulsive purchase decision’ point of view. An impulse purchase is one where a customer makes an unplanned purchase, pretty much on the spot. Sale of objects such as candies, CDs, stationery, magazines etc are known to be among the most common impulse purchases.

As we said, plastic POP displays are among the most common ones. There are several reasons that make plastic and acrylic the preferred material for manufacturing such displays. Here’s more:

• These displays need to be vivid as well as durable. This can be achieved with the help of plastic because you can have plastics in endless colors.

• A POP display essentially needs to be economical because it has to be changed from season to season. For instance, a new product launch would require you to replace all your old displays.

• Another important consideration would be the cost factor. Plastic is widely available, hence much more affordable as compared to wood and metal. Besides, when you purchase in bulk, the cost per part dips further.

• Translucent plastic can be used for creating lighted displays. You would have noticed that a number of retailers use fluorescent lights to make their product highly attractive.

• Fabricating plastic is a relatively easier and quicker process. It can be molded into the most complex and intricate shapes. It can be fabricated to create products as varied as brochure and sign holders, posters, store fixtures, menu and literature stands, rods, tubes etc.

• Besides, displays made from plastic are not only easy to install, but also easy to dismantle. They can be recycled and refurbished to create new displays and store fixtures.

The creation of Plastic POP Displays is a specialized task that entails the use of cutting-edge techniques and machines. Some of the commonly used practices include screen printing, digital printing, plastic injection molding, laser cutting, and finally installation.

Point of sale displays are a very critical part of in-store merchandising solutions, hence you should partner with a firm that can get it right the first time. The clever use of plastics, acrylic and several other materials can give your displays a definite edge. Acrylic is a great alternative to glass, as it doesn’t crack and lasts much longer. Retail stores and super markets worldwide are opting for plastic POP displays. It’s high time you did so too!

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