Planning To Take A Trade Show Exhibit To Your First Event? Don’t Forget These Tips

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If you’re taking your first trade show exhibit to an event, there are plenty of things to consider. There’s creating the booth itself, packaging it up and shipping it to the event, designing promotional materials, making travel arrangements, perfecting your sales pitch and more. If you’re not sure where to begin when going to your first event, use these tips to make it a success. Once you have a successful exhibition under your belt, you might be surprised at how much easier the next one can be.

Learn About Attendees

Before you even consider booking the space for your trade show exhibit, learn more about the people who attend. If you’re trying to reach a certain market, make sure that those people will be attending. For instance, if you sell golf clubs and other golf accessories, it won’t do you much good if you’re attending an event for the restaurant industry. Although it seems like common sense, researching attendees is one of the things that most exhibitors think about least.

Cut Costs By Using A Rental Display For A Trade show

A display for a trade show can be pricy! Although the cost is generally thought to be worth it, if your company is just starting out, it might be prohibitively expensive to buy one. Instead, look for a company that can provide you with a trade show exhibit rental. These exhibits can be completely personalized with your own graphics and logos, which means visitors won’t even realize that you’re using a rental unit.

Choose The Smallest Space Possible For Your Booth

Display space isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking to cut costs as much as possible, choose a space that your booth fits into. Many booths are a standard 10×10, which means there’s no reason to pay for a 10×20 space. Choosing the right size isn’t just economical, however. It can also make your trade show exhibit look more professional. If your space is larger than your exhibit, consider including additional elements like banner stands to fill the space in a way that looks intentional, not haphazard.

Create A Welcoming Space

Have you ever seen those exhibits that are just a table set in front of a few banner stands? While likely unintentional, the table creates a barrier between the people working at the display for a trade show and the visitors who are trying to learn more about a company’s products and services. Instead, take the time to make sure your exhibit is a welcoming one that invites people to learn more, rather than make them feel like a bother.

Check With The Venue If You Have Special Requests

If you’re planning on using lighting systems, music, computers or other things that require electricity, check with the venue to make sure your trade show exhibit space will have access to an outlet. If you’re planning on connecting a computer system to the Internet, ask whether the venue will provide WiFi and whether there will be an additional fee for using it.

These are only a few things that new exhibitors can do to help ensure that their first event is a successful one. Once your first event is under your belt, you might be surprised at how relaxed you are when the next one rolls around.

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