Pinterest – Should You Market Your Business With It?

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Pinterest is one of the newest, biggest social media sites, but is it worth getting involved? You are probably spending a lot of time branding yourself and developing relationships on Twitter, Facebook and/or your blog, so do you need another worry?

With 19 million users by March 2012 compared to the 3.3 million they had in Oct 2011 “Pinterest” has become one of the fast growing Internet companies ever.

Based out of a quiet office in Palo Alto, California and with only 30 employees, the head office is pretty unassuming and not what you would expect.

It all started with an idea to take collecting on line, and it clearly paid off. So much so that Forbes recently estimated that the 2-year old company could be worth over $7 billion

Pinterest- How does it work?

To join Pinterest you first need an invite. But I don’t know anyone I hear you cry! Don’t worry, neither did I. Just enter your email address and an invite should be forthcoming. I had to wait a day.

First of all, posts are referred to as pins. A pin is a photo. Pins go on boards that you create. Give each board a title and add pins that relate. You are given stock boards when you join but you can change the titles as and when you wish. If you see a pin on another board you particularly like, you can re-pin it onto your board. Can you now see how pins can go viral!!

Pinterest is not only for Women!

85% of Pins are made my women between the ages of 18-24. I have heard a lot of men saying that they do not use it purely as they view it as a women’s site, but in my opinion that is the wrong attitude to take.

The market is there and who really cares what sex the people are that use it. A more important stat may be that the average user comes from a household that averages %75,000 a year. So, these people have money…..and so why not leverage that and get them to your personal Pinterestpage.

It is also, like a lot of social media, highly addictive. And that is both its danger and appeal.

Pinterest- Should you Market your business with it?

Pinterest acts as a kind of bulletin board for your photos. The photos should act as an inspiration for your own business andshow off your creativity. If you run a restaurant for example, this could be a great page to showcase your dishes. A company that sells accessories could similar use it to show off their brands and concepts.

If you have invested in expensive photography to showcase your product range, then you may as well leverage that investment by using Pinterest.

A word of warning

Do not simply use Pinterest as a self-promotion platform. Granted, that should play some part but it should also serve as a place to share things you love. Show off any photos you are proud of.

And do not use someone else’s photos as your own. So if you find a great image on Google, make sure you pin it directly from the page it was uploaded from, and not directly from Google. If you really want to use another parson’s image, get permission first!

Advantages of Pinterest

  • You can make your content go viral. Pin useful content that has a high possibility to be shared.
  • Make pins that capture your target audience. My primary opportunity is in the health industry, so I have a few boards that I hope will attract my ideal customer. Honestly speaking, my own board is very much at the beginner stage and needs lots of work.

That being said, it is yet another social network that you will need to maintain. If your brand has a very strong visual element, you may want to consider making Pinterest a focus. Otherwise you may want to leave it on the back burner for now.

Do you use Pinterest? Let me know how it is going for you if you do.

Adam Payne.

I am a professional Network Marketer living in Nagoya Japan.

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